May 2009 Puppies
Header Photo is of Jorja holding Baillie (Ionaborda Drovers Run)

'Mcleod's Daughter Litter'

Maddison and Oscar's May 2009 PUPPIES arrived safely!
27th May 2009

This was very exciting as this was our
We have sold all of our 5 cute black/white puppies - 3 Females & 2 Males

Our puppies had their photo shoot at 6 weeks old taken in 'Stevie Halls' WB Holden Ute
from the McLeods Daughters TV Series, which we purchased on 26th May 2009, from the Director of the show & now takes pride of place here at


We breed for happy, healthy puppies who can adapt to all different disciplines, or just as easily fit into your family as a loyal and lovable pet.
All our dogs are registered with the Canine Control Council of Queensland and are sold on main registration.

*****Oscar was & Maddison is DNA tested clear for CL CEA & TNS*****

Our Puppies are initially weaned onto ADVANCE REHYDRATABLE which is soaked prior to feeding and then move onto ADVANCE PUPPY PLUS GROWTH. 

  • This food has added colostrum to help protect the developing gut.
  • Carefully controlled calcium to phosphorus ratio for proper bone and teeth development.
  • Nutrifibre - Smaller, Firmer Stools.
  • Helps maintain skin & coat health.
  • Helps strengthen the immune system.
  • Also Ideal for gestation & lactation feeding.
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May '09 Litter All Grown Up

Puppies With Their New Families

Ionaborda Claire McLeod

Photos taken in Stevie Halls Ute

6 Week Old Puppies